Ear & Hearing Healthcare

Ear & Hearing Healthcare

Trouble hearing others? Annoying ear aches?  Ringing in your ears?  These can be signs that a change has occurred in your ears and that they should be checked.

Why hearing health matters?

Good ear and hearing health is important to people of all ages and helps us to get the
most out of life. When our ability to hear deteriorates it requires more energy for us to
listen and participate in daily life, which can lead to becoming socially isolated as people
find it harder to engage with loved ones.

Whilst it is common for certain people to attend routine health check-ups such as eye and
teeth procedures on a regular basis, our ears are often left forgotten. This should not be
the case. Hearing loss has huge social implications on our quality of life. Hearing loss, if
left untreated, can lead to increased risk of falls, social isolation, and is also known to be
the single largest modifiable risk factor for dementia.

Spotting the signs

There are a range of signs to watch out for which could indicate someone has an ear or hearing problem. These can be signs that a change has occurred in their ears and they should be checked.

Loss of hearing Earache
Discomfort Discharge
Ears feeling full Ringing
Itching Loss of balance
Dizziness Coughing
Turning up the volume  Moving closer to those talking
Asking people to repeat themselves Concentrating harder than usual to listen
We can help

Your M&D team are qualified, Tympa Health trained ear care practitioners. We can perform otoscopy and microsuction wax removals on patients over 18 years of age.

How it works

The Tympa Platform is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing healthcare assessment platform. It brings together three essential tools into one portable, handheld system. From digital otoscopy to microsuction wax removal and a hearing assessment, delivering ear and hearing healthcare in the community within a single 30-minute appointment.

Find out more

Get in touch with one of our experienced team to find out more, or book an appointment to have your ears checked. Our Ear & Hearing Healthcare specialists are available at selected branches across Scotland. 

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