We want to make managing your medication as easy and as straightforward as possible. Our experienced in-store pharmacists can help with repeat prescription services, medicine checks, health services and private consultation services.

NHS Pharmacy First Scotland

NHS Pharmacy First Scotland is an NHS service provided by M&D Green Pharmacies.

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Prescription Services

Our prescription services include repeat, NHS, private and online prescriptions which can all be collected from the surgery and delivered directly to your door.

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Care Home Services

We work closely with each care home to create a bespoke service package tailored to the individual needs of your residents, staff and management.

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Vitamin B12 Injections

We want to ensure that those following a plant based diet aren’t missing out on vital Vitamin B12 that’s found in animal based foods. By providing people with a supplementary dose of B12 on a regular basis we can help to safeguard their long term health and promote wellness & vitality. We believe the most effective way to deliver this supplementation is by an intramuscular injection, whereby a large amount of the vitamin is instantly ready for use by the body.

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Medicines Check

If you are uncertain about your medication, drop into a branch and speak to one of our pharmacists. They will be happy to talk through your medication with you. Our medicines check service is free.

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Collection and Delivery Services

We collect prescriptions from local surgeries on a twice daily, basis. Our delivery service is provided by trained pharmacy staff who can answer any questions you may have about your medication.

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Private & Veterinary Prescriptions

Our competitively priced private prescriptions can be delivered anywhere in mainland UK, via a secure mailing service. We also provide a range of competitively priced veterinary medications.

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Private treatments for men

Find out more about treatments available across a range of men's health related issues.

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Ear & Hearing Healthcare

Trouble hearing others? Annoying ear aches? Ringing in your ears? It could just be wax. Find out more about our ear examination and microsuction ear wax removal treatments.

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Flu Vaccinations

Protect yourself against Flu this winter. Find out more about Private and NHS Flu vaccinations now available at your local M&D Green branch.

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