Stay Safe, Protect Others, Save Lives

Stay Safe, Protect Others, Save Lives

As the Scottish Government has announced that we have entered in to Phase Two we have everything in store to keep you safe as you go out and about more.

Stay Safe

As businesses are starting to reopen, and we are getting out more, it is important to stay safe to reduce the risk of spreading Covid. We have in stock a wide range of products to help keep you safe. This includes Infrared Thermometers, PPE,and hand sanitisers. 

We've also got a wide range of sunscreens available to protect you from the glorious Scottish sun and hayfever remedies to keep your allergies at bay.

Protect Others

Don't forget that the Scottish government has made it mandatory to wear face coverings on public transport. We've have a range of face masks, and visors in stock in every branch to help stay within the rules. 


Save lives

We have a selection from our range on display in our windows so you can decide what you want to pick up before you come in

We're here to help you

Stay Safe, Protect Others, Save Lives