Accuracy Checking Technician - Full Time | Rutherglen Pharmacy

An Accuracy Checking Technician (ACT) works as part of the pharmacy team to provide a range of services to patients, from managing, assembling, and supplying medications to offering advice on health and pharmaceutical products.

Following a clinical check by the Pharmacist they have the responsibility of completing the final accuracy check on dispensed medications before they are supplied to the patient. Accuracy Checking Technicians work under the supervision of a registered Pharmacist, and they may be responsible for supervising other members of the pharmacy team.

Your list of duties will include completing the final accuracy check on dispensed medications, supervising other members of staff in the pharmacy setting, preparing and dispensing prescription medication. You will also be called upon to perform administrative duties to ensure the smooth running of the pharmacy.

You will require basic computer skills as through the course of your working day you will gather, organise, and assess patient information, maintain electronic records, process requests for free NHS services and receive prescription orders.

You will need effective communication skills as you will be expected to consult directly with other healthcare providers and patients.

You will also be expected to complete patient sales and transactions for over-the-counter medications and offer advice on free NHS services that patients are eligible to receive

Accuracy Checking Technicians are required to hold GPhC accredited qualifications and have a minimum of two years pharmacy experience.


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